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Moringa...Thai Herbal Group66

Moringa...Thai Herbal Group 66




We are the manufacturer of all kinds of moringa products such as moringa powder,moringa capsule,moringa oil and moringa herbal tea.We do marketing here in Thailand and export to some other countries through out the world.

All Moringa raw materials from Thai Herbal Group 66 are harvested and processed by hand, from naturally grown trees in an unpolluted environment. The products are carefully produced for instance; during the natural drying process, the products are shadow dried and not exposed to direct sunlight and all the wonderful ingredients are dried in the most perfect way-naturally maintaining their full healing powers.All plants harvested and processed by Thai Herbal Group 66 are known for their healing abilities and high nutrients.

Our aim is to steadily expand our capacity as well as our client base by offering authentic and pure Moringa products. All natural ingredients are used to make our products. Our products are genuine and high in quality which acts as a differentiator from other products. We focus on quality and aim to achieve total customer satisfaction, both in the products we offer and in the service that follows. We lay high emphasis on quality that is combined with the latest technology to offer our customers a competitive edge.

Moringa is a tropical tree with multiple uses and which is resistant to drought. Among the 13 species known, Moringa oleifera is particularly easy to reproduce and its growth is very fast. The numerous economic uses of Moringa oleifera together with its easy propagation have raised growing international interest for this tree which is found in most tropical countries (Thailand,India,Africa, and America).

Rich in nutritive value, moringa leaf are shadow dried and used in pharmaceutical and food industries. The moringa leaves contain high amounts of Vitamin A (four times more than carrots), Vitamin C (seven times more than oranges), protein (twice that of milk), calcium (four times more than milk) and potassium (triple the amount in bananas).
Although Moringa leaf powder is commonly used to make dietary supplement  products and medicine,it is also made as sauce and has many uses in food preparation.Such as a nutritional additive, by adding two or three spoonfuls of powder to rice, soups and sauces just before serving. Small amounts of leaf powder will not have a marked effect on the taste of the sauce.



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